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Tampa HD video with Varicam 35 4K

DP Scott Henderson, shooting HD Video from Tampa to Miami, Orlando to Jacksonville, Chicago to New York, with the Varicam 35 4K, Canon 17x120mm 4K rated lens, lights and audio, for broadcast TV, commercials, politicals, sports, documentaries, corporate, Indie Films, and more.


Tampa Orlando Miami HD/4K video camera crew
           shoots with Varicam 35 4K


As a DP/cameraman based in Tampa, Florida, I have a broad range of experience;  from shooting a movie in NYC, to a corporate presentation in Chicago, from network news in Miami, to a business documentary that took me around the world.  
Panasonic Varicam 35, complimented with a 4K rated Canon 17x120mm PL mount zoom lens, has become my camera of choiceIt has a very organic look, similar to 35mm film;  great contrast handling in bright light, beautiful detail in low light. The picture has more texture than normal video and is less electronic.  If you are looking for superior imaging, this is it.


When I am working on a produced piece that allows me the time to light the scene and define the look, I have the expertise and equipment to do a proper job.  Or if I am hustling through a more documentary/news style shoot using available or minimal lighting, going hand held or organizing a quick set up, I always take the time to analyze the changing dynamics of what's going on inside the frame, and how to capture a great image in motion.  Large crew or small, I know how to deliver a quality product.

The operation is supported with a 2nd camera that has a super 35 sensor, the Panasonic Varicam LT with a Canon 30x105 mm cine zoom lens for a matched looked.  And as a licensed and insured drone pilot, I own and operate a DJI Mavic 3 Pro drone.








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